Upside down summer

Summer in France was long and wet and cold. I hardly blogged at all. There was work and there were “issues” to deal with and there was that infernal, driving, relentless rain. Closed up in our house, I felt closed up in my head. A reverse hibernation. Upside down and backwards. Sometimes the world feels like it’s getting that way. And yet, it does have it’s advantages:

1. Everyone—man and beast—shares a question: Rain again?



2. The plants grow like crazy, and look that much more beautiful under a moody sky.


3. There’s time to read and read and read. This book is beautiful if you dream of being one with nature but aren’t (like me).



4. The hats look cozy hanging on the wall. And with no sun, that’s where they stay.


5. The daily bread gets soggy instead of hard. Wait, that’s not an advantage.


6. All creatures great and small take cover. Sometimes under the same roof.


7. Snails! Snails! And more Snails! (They’re so cool.)


8. Winter food regains its appeal: Onion Soup, anyone?


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14 Responses to Upside down summer

  1. I love the photos — especially the stormy skies. Not sure I share the sentiment about the snails as they destroyed my little veggies like an invading army. But the hats seem to say ‘ready for next time.’

    • Perhaps French snails are nicer than English snails. (Nah.) Or maybe it’s just that I have no veggies for them to destroy and they leave most everything else alone. Wish they’d eat the morning glory, but they don’t. “Ready for next time”…what beautiful words those are. Aren’t we all??

  2. teresa elliott says:

    glorious, as per usual.

    • So sweet you are, as per usual! Was just thinking of you…ran across R’s book of photographs and so many memories came flooding in…why does summer already seem a long time ago??????

  3. cecilia says:

    this is a GREAT collection of images, esp the moth on the wicker..hope you are leaving the rain behind, not us.. more rain coming!.. c

  4. Gerlinde says:

    Send some of that rain over to California , we have a severe drought. I love.our photos.

  5. Debra Kolkka says:

    It rained all night at Casa Debbio and I have awoken to mist. I can’t see the village, but I know it will appear soon. At least the constant rain through summer means most of my plant survived. The wild goats found the need to chew the bark from some trees and they will probably die. They didn’t eat the bark, maybe the don’t like cachi and magnolia trees and wanted them dead.
    Anyway, I am looking forward to autumn in the mountains.

  6. What a beautiful report. I love to watch your comings and goings…welcome back!

  7. dayphoto says:

    Rain here…I find rain refreshing and depressing all at the same time. I know, silly aren’t I!

    Your images are wonderful!


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