Cardboard world

It was love at first sight. A beguiling little store tucked into a corner of Como called Gloook where most everything is made from recycled cardboard. (Gloook is just one brand of a small design firm, Alpac.) These furnishings are surprisingly strong and polished and in many cases exactly what you’d want. A tactile person’s haven…I wanted to touch and experience everything. They never said “Don’t touch,” and they even offered us a cup of coffee. Here’s their entire catalog of products. Nice. Human. Unpretentious. I like that.

phome_419 gloook-madia evocativa gloook-animali-componibili gloook-zed-tavolo gloook_scirus_chaiselongue gloook-bettina-madia gloook-sombrillas-lampadario-002

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5 Responses to Cardboard world

  1. dayphoto says:

    I watched a TV show about this company so was pleasantly surprised at your post! Isn’t their stuff just stunning. One would not think it is recycled anything!


  2. M McKinley says:

    Lovely stuff and it gave me an immediate flashback to Frank Gehry’s work..

    Now, where can I buy those fabulous shoes in the first photo?

  3. cecilia says:

    Just LOVE that last chair.. all this furniture would need space around it to show it off, did you buy anything!?.. c

  4. No, I didn’t. I just drank it in with my eyes. I’m in a no-buying phase. If I don’t need it, it basically doesn’t get bought. and you’re right. It needs space. And that’s something we don’t have to give it 🙂

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