Color Story #8 : The Colors of Wet

It’s been raining here in Burgundy. And raining and raining. Presque sans cesse. But I have finally learned—all those years in Oregon helped—that when a day looks too “ugly” to venture out into, it is exactly time to do just that. Ugly is a delightfully relative term, and an ugly day, given the chance, is a jewel in the rough.


Wetness is Nature’s monosodium glutamate, without the ill side-effects. And there’s a reason saturated colors are called “saturated.” As I walked this morning, it was impossible to notice that what was green under a bland sunny sky, is now really green. What was turquoise redefines the color. And all these luscious colors, sidled up against a grey sky, only appear more delicious. The effect is stunning.


Today, my eye was pulled continuously to the mosses and the lichens which rival the most audacious flowers with their brilliance. Neon colors sprang up all around me, filling the landscape and permanently crowding out any misguided notions I had that the day wasn’t fit for man nor beast. Dilapidated buildings, gates in need of paint, and faded plastic drapes, pulled over woodpiles and pulled out of place again, here and there, by an aggressively playful wind—they were beautiful too. There was no stopping the chromatic proof: if your eyes and heart are open, you will see something that makes your day.

Oh, look. Il pleut encore.


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5 Responses to Color Story #8 : The Colors of Wet

  1. anntmoore says:

    Reminds me of a song I learned 60 years ago from my dear high school French teacher, Henriette Messager Fallwell, who was, herself, French–a war bride from World War I:

    Il pleut, il pleut, bergere,
    presse tes blancs moutons , , ,

    Etc. (Sorry I don’t have an “accent grave” on my keyboard to take care of the middle “e” in “bergere.”)

  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    I love rainy days…but not too many in a row.

  3. debbibaron says:

    Cool colours! Rain has it’s upsides for sure.

  4. V. nice photos Charlotte. It rained like crazy here yesterday. I woke thinking again what a wonderful idea and invention a house truly is – no caves or teepees for me. The deep colors that rain produces have long impressed me, love black tree trunks and the deep colors of fields and flowers.

  5. it’s been raining here for the past three days, two days ago all dang day. and the colors looked a LOT richer, the spectrum a LOT wider after. greens and browns so varied, vibrant and deep it almost seems as if they KNOW something we don’t. nice.

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