Closed/Week in review

“Transition/Color Story #8: A baguette travels to Italy”
In which a baguette adorns the dashboard
from Burgundy, France to Milan, Italy.
(Read this.)

Tuesday 1
“The voting results are in!”
In which we reveal the results of The Daily Cure
straw poll, à la Harry’s New York Bar, Paris.
(Read this.)

Tuesday 2
“Postcard #18: All funning aside”
An Italian take on an old American character:
Uncle Sam wants you.
(Read this.)

“La Cartoleria”
On the place where all things paper still
reign supreme: The Italian stationer’s shop.
(Read this.)

“Some advice from the ladies”
Some words of wisdom for Mr. Obama
from some of the most inspiring women I know.
(Read this.)

“Oh, olive trees”
On the simple beauty of being
among the olives.
(Read this.)

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