Oh, olive trees

I was going to write about the formal “you” in Italian and about the many times I’ve embarrassed myself by slipping, American-style, into the informal version, but it’s Friday. Who needs the finer points of language today? I don’t. I think I’d like today to be a day without any words at all.

I just want to feel peaceful and warm. That’s all. I want to feel like things are simple and easy. Good and hopeful. I want it to be early summer; I don’t feel like wearing a coat. I think—yes—I think I’d like to be in among some olive trees, looking up into silvery leaves and dappled light. I’d like to feel like time didn’t matter for a moment.

That’s what I’d like…and you?

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5 Responses to Oh, olive trees

  1. NazarBlue says:

    Dozing under the olive trees sounds perfect – is there room for one more?

  2. Lovely warm images….golden moments are to be treasured.
    (also, thankyou for your comments…. that time for me was truly golden and sustains even now.)

  3. anntmoore says:

    The shape and color of these leaves remind me of magnolias, those great, sweeping, beautiful trees that we sometimes see here in the Southern U.S. Beautiful, all of them. Thanks much! Lv, Mm

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