Day 2: Shutters

A walk around Cap Ferret is a tour through color, all of it showing off like a group of giddy starlets against a beautifully dull backdrop of sand, weathered wood, and the ebbing and flowing tide. Factor in a frequently grey and overcast sky, and you get the picture. The colors, at their most beautiful, are those splashed on the fishermen’s cabins that line the Bay. I always wonder what inspires people to choose the colors they do. How they settle on the shade they want to frame their view of the world until the sea air fades it down to a weak coating of “barely there.”

[It’s interesting to compare this graphic freedom to the restraint of Bourgogne. Here in my first post, more shutters, but in a controlled color palette. “The Importance of Blue.”]

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3 Responses to Day 2: Shutters

  1. Anna Harrison says:

    Oh! How I miss shutters!!
    Your photographs are beautiful. The green shutters, partially closed, remind me of hot summer days when, after lunch, it was siesta time – not necessarily when one took a nap, but when it was too hot to let any sun creep indoors, and so you almost completely closed the shutters, just letting in a little bit of outside light so you still knew it was daytime. At the night the shutters are always closed, sheltering everyone and everything within, and allowing you to gradually wake up in the morning – not necessarily at first light but when you feel like letting in the day by opening them again, letting everyone outside know that yes, you are awake and ready to greet the world, you are open for business.
    The red shutter reminds of me of my grandmother’s house in the Basque Country – as most houses are white with red shutters. There is a language of shutters; they are important in France.

  2. Mary says:

    Lovely photos, Charlotte. I imagine most of those are now second homes so the normally sober tones of the principle residence are abandoned in this exuberance of “school’s out!” color at the seaside.

    Bisous from Poitiers!

  3. PEIROUX says:

    nice !!

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