Until next time

Certain features along the road say “hello” and “goodbye” like nothing else. This is one of them—Burgundy’s version of the red carpet, the welcome mat, the yellow brick road, the way here and (sadly) the way back home:

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7 Responses to Until next time

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    It must be difficult to leave.

    • I’m sure it’s the same when you leave Bagni di Lucca, no? There’s just so much physical beauty in these places…they really pull us to them. We’re ready to come home, when we come home, but then after a while we long to be back. It’s a strange phenomenon.

  2. PEIROUX says:

    the road to Bazarnes ?????

  3. Yes! I have loads of photographs of it. I love that little piece of road. And all the others like it. It’s all so beautiful.

  4. Ann Moore says:

    Blessedly out of reach of fast traffic and eighteen-wheelers. A very Brigadoon.

  5. ceciliag says:

    Gorgeous .. those trees almost speak.. c

  6. That avenue just draws me along. Beautiful contrast between the stoutness of the road, the lushness of the grass and the delicate tracery of the trees.

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