New-ish and hopefully improved-ish

A quick administrative note to alert you to some small changes at “The Daily {French-Italian} Cure.”

First, the links which have disappeared from the sidebar have been placed on a “Links of Interest” page which is still under construction. You can access this page by clicking either the menu item which appears in the black strip above this blog or the appropriate apothecary jar in the sidebar. The links which are already in place aren’t active yet, and there are still more to come. The idea is to give you a robust list of resources for cooking/eating, language, news and travel related to both France and Italy.

Second, the sidebar as you can see has been turned into “The Daily Cure Apothecary”—a place to dip in quickly for the aforementioned links or for recipes, food photography, and Daily Cure postcards (culled from all the blogs). Some of this is still under construction, but if you browse around, you’ll get the idea.

And last but not least, if there’s something you’d like to see here, but don’t, please let me know! International air travel doesn’t come cheap these days, so if I can fulfill your desire for a taste of “over here” with a humble digital offering, I’d love to try. Ciao, Charlotte

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2 Responses to New-ish and hopefully improved-ish

  1. ron says:

    dear dear sister, i hope this gives you happiness and comfort. i LOVE the sharing, and the happiness of your efforts to share. or something like that. red wine is doing its job.

    • Writing in general makes me feel better. And just putting it all together is fun. Like knitting a sweater. Very therapeutic. I didn’t like all those months in which I didn’t do it. Felt like something was missing. Sort of. Red wine DOES do its job. Yay!

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