How long is a piece of wire?

Yesterday’s discovery (thanks to France 24) was French wire artist, Marie Christophe. I’ve always loved the notion that you can create, or at least imply, three-dimensional mass by using a material that approximates a line (a two dimensional reality). This woman is a master.

Having clumsily attempted, myself, to construct a fish out of wire last summer, I am stunned by the elegance of her curves, the cleanliness of her line. (My “fish” ended up being a tangled mass.) Using wire together with jewels and beads, she makes furnishings, objects and artworks, both small and massive—”massive” being misleading, as even her most voluminous pieces are nothing much more than air.

I love these birds. A birds skeleton, itself, is a work of tensile strength and lightness. So the wire is a perfect substance with which to pay it homage. And the dress hanging on the clothes hanger—why do I love that so much? I suppose because wire is the opposite of cloth, and yet she has given it the supple grace of an un-ironed shirt, while ironically tipping her hat to what fashion design is all about: structure.

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5 Responses to How long is a piece of wire?

  1. Anna Harrison says:


  2. bagnidilucca says:

    How clever some people are.

  3. Diane says:

    What wonderful work. I love the idea behind the clothes on wire hangers, the dress is especially well done. Working in wire is not as easy as it may seem. There are some ungraceful attempts at jewelry in my home that back this up.

  4. and it looks so so simple. thanks for sharing.

  5. PEIROUX says:

    i try to post that in august but your blog don’t recognize my “accolay” computer ….
    so this artist in fact is living in my town: Clichy and she bought my sister in law house 7 or 8 years ago. She works in my brother in law “atelier” (he is a mosaist) a nice place in a awfull town !!!
    i like its works but it’s very expensive.

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