You’re invited to a Spring dinner

lt’s been one of those days folks. Running, running, running around, with not a minute to breathe. Emails that had to be written. News that had to be absorbed. Documents that had to be put in order. Decisions that had to be made. Provisions that had to be laid in. No time for blogging until now. And now, it just happens to also be time for making dinner. So today, I’m killing two birds with one stone and inviting all of you to a dinner/blog otherwise entitled, “I can eat a rainbow.”

The beginnings of a risotto with young, tender zucchini

Santa Cristina. An easy Umbrian white. Fruity and floral. Salute.

It’s Spring! And we can eat beautiful colors! Raw, cooked, barely cooked. Stuff for the forks, stuff for the fingers, stuff for the wineglasses that’s fruity and floral, a green so pale it whispers. Pull up a seat or cross your legs on the floor. Whatever makes you comfortable. I’m cooking light, and it’s all fairly typical. Glad you could come.

Still in the oven, soon to be just-roasted asparagus.

The oh-so-typical grated carrot salad with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh lemon juice

NOTE: The blues aren’t present in this culinary rainbow. We carry them with us by nature of being human, so we’ll leave them out of tonight’s fare. The music? Jazz. Discordant, improvised, optimistic.

Dessert. What else? FIngerfood. Unadorned. Succulent.

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2 Responses to You’re invited to a Spring dinner

  1. bagnidilucca says:

    Yum! Thanks for inviting me to dinner.

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