For Ev: Your carriage awaits

I have a dear friend. She’s been a friend for a long, long time. When we were young, we’d tool around Atlanta in her green beater, dreaming of our futures. She’d been to France, spoke French and swore: “Char, one of these days, I’m gonna have a Deux Chevaux.” That’s what she’d say. Ev isn’t and wasn’t the sort of person to pin her ambitions to a car, so I think of that car as a metaphor of many things.

Consistent with the peculiar and unpredictable ins and outs of life, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for her, so I owe her—a lot. She may not want that car anymore, but nevertheless, these are for her. These cars, these metaphors. They’re not all the make and model of her dreams, but they are “spiritually”—if a car can be spiritual and somehow I think some of them can be—in the same category. Every time I see one of these old beauties, I think of her. I’ve thrown in a road for her too, just for good measure. A metaphorical one, leading up into some beautiful metaphorical hills. I miss her.

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6 Responses to For Ev: Your carriage awaits

  1. PEIROUX says:

    sorry Charlotte but not a 2 chevaux picture in these pictures…
    the first is a 4 chevaux & not Citroen
    the second is a Dyane the worst car (for me)
    the third is a 2 chevaux ‘camionnette” so not THE real one
    my first car was a blue 2 chevaux …
    we say in France” deudeuche” familiar name for this delicious thing and i sleep several times inside yes yes !!!!!

  2. I think my friend wanted a blue one. Maybe if you see one, you can snap it for me. Do you have a picture of yourself in yours???

  3. anna says:

    Charlotte, I think the nickname “deudeuche” just devolved from, as you said the “deux” in Deux Chevaux and then the “deuche” just for the sound of it. The French often add the “che” at the end of a nickname … the only thing that pops into my head is “pimbêche” and it’s derogatory – means someone who’s a show-off or snooty or stuck-up.
    By the way, I had a “deudeuche” myself at one point early in my marriage. My ex wouldn’t allow me to drive his nice Mercedes 190SL but he was ok with me getting an old beat-up 2CV. That thing was a mess, barely held together and bounced around all over the road! No seat-belts, threadbare seats, barely any paint left on it, no creature comforts period. But it took me where I wanted to go, damn it.

  4. Thanks Anna…amazing how the car that is one person’s dream is, in reality, another person’s near nightmare…

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