Welcome to my city

Thank you, New York Times, for showing it off so beautifully.

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4 Responses to Welcome to my city

  1. liffster says:

    Thank you for that, Charlotte. What beautiful memories it brought back of my own 36 (or 48?) hours in Milan, including a (frankly, dreadful) performance at La Scala of Janacek’s ‘Katia Kabanova’. Milano is a city on the cusp in both time and history and its architecture shows it.

    Cheers from sunny Southern California!


  2. janette gross says:

    I agree! It definitely reminded me what I love about the City and really makes me want to come back. (But it’s Japan this year, finally….)

  3. dayphoto says:

    Love this! Now I see your city and your world in living color…full of sunlight, ancient buildings, rich language …Lovely!


  4. i kept thinking, how many OTHER places could they have shown, how many OTHER folks could they have interviewed to cover the same categories, with the same truthfulness, enthusiasm, diversity, validity, richness, interest….and how much was left out.

    what i mean is, i don’t feel like i missed a thing when we were there in september. i feel like i “saw” what the video “wanted” me to see….maybe even more since we had our own personal guides that knew milan from such a personal — and educated — point-of-view.

    thanks for helping us make our own video, even though it may only be available in our minds.

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