Two-ness, Part 2

With my big toes dipping into middle age (okay, okay…I’m up to my ankles) and a house full of domestic rubble that attests to how my life is happily and fortunately shared, I’m not one to complain about that all-so-precious-when-I-can-grab-it “alone” time. That said, when I’m experiencing solo bliss, my first thought is often how badly I want to share the sensation. I think we all have that experience: sharing is a reaffirmation of how happy we feel and a way of giving thanks for the chance to feel it.

Spring in Milan, this year, was something to be shared. The person closest to me, with whom I share most everything, has been keeping a head-spinning travel schedule since December, and few were our chances to just look around us, hands held, and breathe that dual sigh of contentment. Stereo Joy. When he and I had decided that I would move to Italy, he’d said, “I want you to come in the spring.” And so I did. This is—first—for him. And, secondly, for you.

Around the time I started thinking of this tiny little piece, I began listening to Raphael Gualazzi’s album, Happy Mistake, particularly, “L’amie d’un italien,” (also entitled “Rainbows”), featuring French singer Camille. And since I myself am “the girlfriend of an Italian,” I couldn’t resist it. Perfectly captures that tripping along way we live through springtime and through romance. Carefree. Lightly. And in love with life itself.

NOTE:  Happy Mistake  is imported to the U.S. and can be purchased on A digested Italian version (4 songs only), entitled Rainbows is available at I hate to shameless flog stuff to buy, but this is so, so worth it.

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4 Responses to Two-ness, Part 2

  1. dayphoto says:

    What joy! What excitement and happiness! You have me tapping and dancing and singing all the way through!!! Happy SPRING!!!


  2. Gerlinde says:

    Living through springtime and romance in Milan. It can’t get any better , enjoy and have fun all the way into the summer.

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