Thoughts made by hand


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8 Responses to Thoughts made by hand

  1. janette gross says:

    Being a weaver, I totally agree with you about the action of moving the pen and ink over the paper. It is easy to run to Ikea and buy a wonderful, inexpensive rug, quite another to take months to make one. But there is a world of difference when you put your bare feet on something that you’ve been involved with and have know intimately way before it even reached the floor.

    • You are so right about that…I’ve never woven a rug. But I feel a certain “something” when I wear a sweater I’ve knitted for myself. I used to be afraid they would fall apart, but now I know that’s nonsense. I would love to see your weavings.

  2. dayphoto says:

    I still love to write by hand. Most things. But now the old crippling of the fingers slows me down and my writing has that weak wobbly look of the elderly. So when it comes to something I want others to read I type it…on the computer. The old-tyme typewriter is just too ancient for me anymore.


  3. teresa elliott says:

    Charly, I collect other peoples’ grocery lists. My dream is this: when you finish shopping you turn in your list and when you go to the store next time you’re given a random one and shop from that. I feel it would promote cultural understanding, also good laughs.

  4. cecilia says:

    Love the loving of shopping lists, I used to collect other peoples too, out of shopping carts. I love lists of any kind, though i seldom remember to take them with me or to read them again. We are a little similar in this i think. is that your handwriting? It is beautiful. Sometimes when i am making notes for a piece of writing my thoughts some so fast that my hand writing becomes completely illegible, even to me. i have to make myself slow down and write the letters properly. Now I need to write to you again and get your address, i have a wee package waiting to harness itself a snail and come visit milan. I hope you are feeling well daring girl.. Love your mind ruts.. take bath is running and so must I.. c

    • It is my handwriting! A bit more on the calligraphic side than usual, but more or less the way I write. I will send you an email with the address you need! I am feeling a bit better, thank you…I’ll address that issue off-line as well. The bath must be attended to! I am in love with hot baths and have dry scaly legs to show as proof! Oh Celi! I saw an article in a French magazine about home-made, organic cleaning methods. You may know it all already, but I’m planning on translating it and posting it here in upcoming days. Stay warm (enough)! p.s. Do frost-bitten cockscombs grow back?

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