Object beauty and elbow grease

It’s no secret that I like old things. But I’m not an indiscriminate lover of antiquity or junk. I like old things I can use with a little effort and no electricity. I keep some of these objects in my kitchen, mixed in with newer ones that, aside from their relative youth, fit the same mechanical and aesthetic bill. Form. Function. And, for me, beauty.

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5 Responses to Object beauty and elbow grease

  1. anntmoore says:

    Aren’t the shapes fascinating! Almost all of them, in one way or another, involve a circle. Just as there are “Seven Simple Machines,” there must be some very limited number of shapes–with which we can do anything, from beating eggs to driving a car.

    • You’re right! They all do involve circles, somewhere. Every single one of them. There were a couple more I didn’t photograph, but they have circles as well. Simple machines…

  2. Anna Harrison says:

    My mother brought her Moulinette from France in the fifties and used it throughout her life to make mashed potatoes! Nothing compares.

  3. I’m so glad you left this comment! Some of these “machines” were used by my mother-in-law’s mother! so they are old and they totally withstand the test of time. And like your mother, I think the mashed potatoes made with the Mouli are BETTER! Vive la Moulinette!! p.s. I haven’t posted a guest post in ages…you up for one?

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