Now that’s a swimming pool.

Who needs
a pool
when there’s
a sea?

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9 Responses to Now that’s a swimming pool.

  1. Mom Moore says:

    Oooooh-h-h! How beautiful! Is the water warm? How deep is it–is all of it well over your head, or is there any spot where your feet touch the ground? How salty is it? Is there really no one else in sight? (Or are there lots of people standing behind the photographer??) Who rescues you if you’re drowning?? Is this bit of water attached to the place where you are staying (hotel? cottage? ???) And to think that it’s all so close to Milan. Amazing world.

  2. John Mahoney says:

    If I had been Napoleon, I would have just stripped down, put on some sunblock, had a nice drink and retired there.

  3. Janet says:

    Char, you have just made me weak at the knees.

  4. Anna Harrison says:


  5. bagnidilucca says:

    I want to go there now!!! We live so close and have never been. That will be fixed on our next trip.

  6. Joselin says:

    My husband’s jealous response to this post? “I’m kind of hating on her right now.” What an amazingly beautiful place!

  7. ron says:

    we’d love it if our back yard looked like this. yep….

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  9. Catherine says:

    Takes my breath away. I can almost smell the salty air.

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