Riddle answered

The answer to the riddle:

I am “La Chaise Lounge Chair” designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948 for a competition held by the Museum of Modern Art. I was inspired by the sculpture “Floating Figure” by Gaston Lachaise. (Credit: stardust.com)

And though I have nothing really to do with Italy or France (as this blog semi-requires), my clean brilliant mid-century American design has made one American woman in Milan, Italy very happy.

P.S. I am very comfortable.

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5 Responses to Riddle answered

  1. Joselin says:


  2. Mom Moore says:

    The “same,” down to the crossing of the legs. Amazing!

  3. Janette says:

    What better place than Milan to have a beautifully designed piece of furniture! Total connection.

  4. Joselin says:

    You know…your clues were incomplete. You only showed the one support pole.

    Now, we need a picture of you reclining in this masterpiece!

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