Closed/Week in review

“Keeping time, beautifully”
In which we appreciate an Italian watch we can’t own,
and download a time-keeping screensaver that we can.
(Read this.)

“Hit the road, Jacques”
In which a “mille borne” on French national route 958
reminds us of a card game we once loved.
(Read this.)

“Lugano color story #1: Black and cream”
In which we notice that everything that catches our
eyes is black and cream and tones in between.
(Read this.)

“Milan Color Story #5: Magenta, literally a color story”
In which we take a closer look at the origin
of the color magenta and are amazed by what we find out.
(Read this.)

“A postscript to my last post”
In which a reference to Paul Rand
is—sort of—explained.
(Read this.)

“It’s your (un)lucky day”
In which I break a rule and post on a Saturday
to examine Friday the 13th and/or 17th.
(Read this.)

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