Write Man Ray’s life story

In my post this morning, I mentioned as an afterthought the interactive online competition to create the imaginary biography of Man Ray. After investigating further, I happened upon this page of the competition which illustrates more precisely how it works. Each week, the organizers have released a Man Ray image with a set of questions to be answered. The following week, viewers have been asked to comment and/or vote on the submissions. At the end of the competition, Man Ray’s fictitious life story will be pieced together from the winning weekly submissions, and an overall winner will be selected. I don’t know if there’s still time to submit a story for the latest image (I don’t think so), but there is ample time to comment and vote. It sounds like even comments will be considered for prizes, which are—inconveniently for those of you in the U.S.—free tickets to the exhibit. Nevertheless, an interesting idea.

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2 Responses to Write Man Ray’s life story

  1. Ann Moore says:

    RE: Man Ray image of flatiron with knives protruding from the “smooth” ironing surface: Interesting that you should post this today. The CUNY Graduate School’s most recent issue of its Folio (Spring 2011, pp. 16-17) includes a two-page spread of images by sculptor Willie Cole: Men of Iron. about whom it says: “Steam irons and their scorched imprints . . . have been a recurring theme in Cole’s work. . . . Men of Iron . . . joins two large offset prints–Silex Men, Ritual and Sunbeam Man, Ceremonial–showing front and back views of the artist’s own body adorned by Photoshop with steam-iron designs and sole plates simulating African tribal regalia.” It’s hard to say whether they are more startling at first glance or after examination and seeing what they really are!! I have scanned these and will attempt to send them via email. Great minds!!

  2. Fascinating! So interesting that you mention the iron, because that was the image of Man Ray’s that struck me right away. If I’d been in on the game in time I would have written about that one. Can’t wait top see the scans. Hope they turn out. Thanks, me.

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