Closed/Week in review

“Transitions: Follow the yellow brick road”
In which we are greeted in France
with a great, yellow carpet.
(Read this.)

Tuesday, Part 1
“One potato”
In which we celebrate the uncommon goodness
of the common French, red potato.
(Read this.)

Tuesday, Part 2
“Self portrait: The passerby”
In which the blogger realizes that she is blending halfway
into backgrounds she never imagined seeing.
(Read this.)

“Let’s take the road less traveled by”
In which we take a walk
on a dirt road.
(Read this.)

In which we think about World War II, a weed,
a recipe, and gratitude.
(Read this.)

“Spring storm”
In which we watch grey clouds
roll into town, and rejoice.
(Read this.)

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