Special delivery: Inter loses to Milan 0-3

My local bar, Ranieri, is decked in black curtains today. Last night in the Derby della Madonnina (any game between the two soccer clubs of Milan), Inter lost to arch rival Milan. A happy day for the black-and-red’s. A day of sadness for the black-and-blue’s. A veritable death for the hardcore such as Sergio, the owner of the bar. My interista husband’s take on the match: “We were unlucky.”

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3 Responses to Special delivery: Inter loses to Milan 0-3

  1. angels wept.

    we’re going to go do some yard work.

    • Charlotte says:

      Now yard work cheers angels up. So does bike riding. That’s what we did today. (Personally, I wasn’t the least bit effected by the loss of Inter, but I can empathize with those that suffer…and they take it soooo seriously.)

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