Closed/Week in review

This past week, I was over-whelmed with spring cleaning. What happens when we clean our houses. What bubbles to the surface. What reveals itself to be true. What our junk says about our current state and next steps. What the season does to us.

“Spring Cleaning #1: The game”
In which the cards are
all on the table.
(Read this.)

“Spring Cleaning #2: Dusty dreams”
On the dreams we carry with us
and the deeper power of maps.
(Read this.)

“Spring Cleaning #3: The change of season”
On the blues that settle over the
Italian peninsula this time of year.
(Read this.)

“Spring Cleaning #4: Haircuts for everyone”
On pruned sycamores, fresh starts,
and William Carlos Williams.
(Read this.)

“Spring Cleaning #5: Monkeying around”
On the brilliance of a little rubber monkey
and her creator, Bruno Munari.
(Read this.)

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