Closed/Week in review

“Your lucky day”
In which everything you thought was unlucky
turns out to be very lucky indeed.
(Read this.)

“Seductive is the night”
On the magnetic draw of Milan
after the sun has gone down.
(Read this.)

“Luna Park: A kick in the seat of adulthood”
On the ability of an amusement
park to turn back the clock.
(Read this.)

“Confession #3: Tutto or nothing”
On the near-disastrous
pronunciation of a single word.
(Read this.)

“Postcard #10: Helvetia”
In which we spend a morning
in Lugano, Switzerland.
(Read this.)

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1 Response to Closed/Week in review

  1. PEIROUX says:

    have a good time in Accolay
    pictures & comments please!!!!!!!

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