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Of walking, webs, halos and sticks

Dear You and You and You and You and You… Today has been a day full of the oddest, end-of-the-year joy. Just happiness like that: Boom. As if a massive house-cleaning took place and suddenly it all feels sort of … Continue reading

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Holiday cooking and freedom from the tyranny of food photography

Are you sick of beautiful food photography? I am. That’s why I love it when Celi posts a picture of a savory pie or a loaf of bread that she thinks isn’t lit well, yet we all know how delicious … Continue reading

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The aftermath of thanks: More of the same

Several years ago, I read a pair of dueling editorial in the New York Times, one of which lambasted the conventional wisdom of resolution-making to usher in the New Year. The article’s main point was that there is a tried … Continue reading


Postcards #21-32: Twelve days of Christmas

If you’re like me and I’m betting you are, you’re finding these last two weeks before Christmas just a little bit much. Do, do, do. Rush, rush, rush. Work work work. Be all things to all people while neglecting your … Continue reading

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