Working again, so time is short. Such is the nature of battling against deadlines. I miss the chance to blog well and with feeling. So today’s offering is tactile…something that I love and that I’d have difficulty finding the right words to describe, even if I had the entire day free. Something which sets me “right” in my daily existence: old leather. The more the years go by, the more I love these things, cherish them. I don’t remember where many of them came from. Some were handed down to me, already old and well-loved. Some I bought myself. Some just happened into my path and I kept them, knowing I’d keep them forever.


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7 Responses to Beloved

  1. anntmoore says:

    Ni-i-i-i-ce. Good photographs, and unexpected but welcome reminders of the beauty, intricacy, and craft involved in making the things we live with and handle every day. Thanks.

  2. Joselin says:

    So glad to see the worn leather. I keep every old purse and pair of shoes, much to my husband’s “we don’t have enough room” chagrin.

    In fact, I actually have my old black and white saddle oxfords (the ones that were in the yearbook!). I wouldn’t and couldn’t ever wear them, but they are such a part of my history that there is no way I could ever part with them.

  3. debbibaron says:

    Interesting that they are all basically the same colour leather…I still have an Il Bisonte purse and three or four briefcases I bought in the 1970’s and 80’s in Italy. They are better than they were when they were new!

  4. ron says:

    i LOVE worn leather. it’s got so much personality, and its history seems clearly evident in its worn-ness. i could almost smell the leather of your photos. thanks!

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