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Postcard #19: A schoolboy’s day under the rain

[Spotted today under the rain—school boys in their black and white uniforms inside the “Scuola-in-tram,” a tram that tours the city giving school children glimpses of their own history. Particularly love the wistful children staring out of the window past … Continue reading

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Your bottom goes here:

You know how certain objects (or maybe all of them) have a soul? How they call to you, give comfort, listen and ultimately share their lives with you or at least witness important—and incredibly insignificant—bits and pieces of yours? How … Continue reading

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The simple side dish

You know, the great—and I mean great—thing about Italian cookery is that it really doesn’t ask you to do very much. If you want to fuss about over your food and “create” “creations,” France is the place for you. If … Continue reading

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The Street #4: Milanese morning

Nothing like a walk first thing in the morning to get the kinks out. And the caffeine in. The rain stopped yesterday, so today was all about saturated colors and scant glimpses of blue in a decidedly autumnal sky. I … Continue reading

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Closed/Week in review

Monday “Transition/Color Story #8: A baguette travels to Italy” In which a baguette adorns the dashboard from Burgundy, France to Milan, Italy. (Read this.) Tuesday 1 “The voting results are in!” In which we reveal the results of The Daily … Continue reading

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Oh, olive trees

I was going to write about the formal “you” in Italian and about the many times I’ve embarrassed myself by slipping, American-style, into the informal version, but it’s Friday. Who needs the finer points of language today? I don’t. I … Continue reading

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Some advice from the ladies

This has nothing to do with Italy or France. It’s just a musing of mine on this post-election morning. Today, as happens on many days, I looked in the mirror only to realize that I’m one day older. This aging … Continue reading

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