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Postcard #17: Never forget.

First thing this morning, almost, I went downtown to the Picasso exhibit at the Palazzo Reale. Even though it doesn’t include “Guernica,” the show starts with a massive projection of the piece in the amazing Sala delle Cariatidi, the Caryatid … Continue reading

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On winter, chimneys and Arthur H.

“Now in Season” is usually reserved for edibles, but just this once, I’m asking my category to widen its horizons. Fireplaces aren’t widespread in Milan, but the earthy smell of rising smoke fills my imagination if not my nostrils. The … Continue reading

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Postcard #16: A lotta spice is nice

Being an expat is a peculiar arrangement. You live in country X, but you are forever bound to country O—”O” as in “origin.” Technology has made this a much easier affair. All the lovely webby ways that we are connected … Continue reading

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No martini, no Bond

This blog is called “The Daily Cure” because several years ago when I started it, I realized that just being in Europe sort of made me feel better in a lot of ways. And I began to catalog the small … Continue reading

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Some TLC for you

How are you feeling, dear Reader? Are you stuck between seasons? Do you have a runny nose or a tickly throat? Have you been hit, as I have, with your first flu of the season? Do you, regardless of your … Continue reading

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My Primo love

The list of adult books I would read over and over (and over) again is not long. It includes Iris Murdoch’s The Sea, The Sea. Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. And The Worst Intentions by Alessandro Piperno. But the most … Continue reading

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Eggplant parmesan

I told you my posts would be briefer these days, out of necessity. And so they will. Ironic, then, that the topic of today’s post is a dish that isn’t quite so quick to whip up. But so yummy…and every … Continue reading

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Beautiful, bilingual, macaronic mash-up

What I overheard last weekend coming from my daughters’ bedroom: It’s the kind of thing the older one says, with facility, howling with laughter. An alliterative, language-loving mixture of her two mother tongues. Something I could never hope to concoct, … Continue reading

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Milan color story #7: Metro-palette

I was scheduled to meet a friend last week at the Lanza Metro. We hadn’t seen each other in months and were long overdue for a cappuccino. I was early. So I parked myself above the steps leading out of … Continue reading

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“The Random-at-Best Non-Remedy”

I’m back. Again. It’s getting silly, isn’t it? I say I’m coming back, I stick around for a while, then I disappear again. What’s up with that? Well, I’ll tell you, my friends. In a nutshell, the problem is Time, … Continue reading

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