Closed/Week in review

“Closed/Week in review” is something I did every week when I was blogging consistently. I’ll try to keep it up, but patience please if I can’t. Have a lovely weekend!

“Day #4: Sunny vs. cloudy—a test”
In which we debate which we prefer—sunny or cloudy—
and the balanced approach wins.
(Read this.)

“Day #5: Those come hither alleys”
In which we are invited/pulled/seduced by
those small spaces between fishermen’s cabins.
(Read this.)

“Day #6: C’est pas bon ça”
On the tendency of some shop owners to prohibit photography
and the tendency of some bloggers to wonder why.
(Read this.)

“Day #7: Textures and patterns”
On the ever-present beauty of stripes
and polka dots on the coast of France.
(Read this.)

“Day #8: Time to eat (when isn’t it?)”
In which we pay homage to
seaside edibles.
(Read this.)

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