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Day 5: Those “come hither” alleys

I know, I know. I’m such a one-trick pony. I love the same things over and over again. Can’t help it. Windows. Doors. Gates. Anything that opens out onto a larger world, or closes in on a smaller one, hinting … Continue reading

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Day 4: Sunny vs cloudy (a test)

I don’t know about you, but I find nonstop, sunny weather vaguely boring. My upsy-downsy tendencies need a touch of pathetic fallacy every now and then. Fog! Rain! Elements that howl! Nothing like a good grey, blustery day to set … Continue reading

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Day 3: By hand, by heart

An experiment in blogging inspired by the signage in Cap Ferret. (This is for Ron.)

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Day 2: Shutters

A walk around Cap Ferret is a tour through color, all of it showing off like a group of giddy starlets against a beautifully dull backdrop of sand, weathered wood, and the ebbing and flowing tide. Factor in a frequently … Continue reading

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Day 1: Where the world is your oyster and vice versa

Recently back from stunning Cap Ferret on the Arcachon Peninsula in S.W. France, where I was finally able—between sun, sand, various bottles of white and red Bordeaux, and inimitable French style—to shake off my Milanese back ache. This is a … Continue reading

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Transitions: Getting there

There is nothing about the drive to Bougogne that isn’t, in its own way, picturesque and captivating. Between Milan and “nowhere in particular” in the middle of France, there is one beautiful sight after another. Castles. Alps. Amazing tunnels. Valleys. … Continue reading

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