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Milan color story #6: Heat wave yellow

I didn’t blog yesterday. Couldn’t. The Southerner in me dictated inactivity. It was just too damn hot. You could have fried one of those goose eggs I wrote about on the sidewalk. Or on your car hood. Or on your … Continue reading

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You, too, are an honorary Italian

I apologize in advance to my Italian readers who may find this post terribly cliché or just simple-minded on my part. But this is one of those things that, as an American and an outsider, I find both endlessly entertaining … Continue reading

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Goose eggs

The fact that simply walking out the door in Milan is synonymous with seeing something I’ve never experienced before rekindles my passion for this country daily. And often what I’ve never experienced before is something edible. And almost always that … Continue reading

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Confession #6: Oh the irony.

I started this blog because I was, at the time, under-employed. Being observant, writing, pondering, and photographing seemed like the best ways to fill my economically-challenged time. These were skills I’d built a career on, but they are my loves … Continue reading

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Hanging right out there

‘Tis the season—well, actually, when isn’t it?—to eschew your fine urban frocks and to hang out unselfconsciously on your own balcony. ‘Tis the season to be plucking dead leaves from your geraniums. Watering. Humming a mindless tune. Perhaps sipping on … Continue reading

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Rust never sleeps

Are you ready for a weak hello, from far away, squeaking imperceptibly from the jaws of the tin-man? Because that’s what it feels like—finding my blogger’s voice after so long. “Sono arrugginita,” I’d say in Italian. I’m rusted. Rusted over. … Continue reading

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