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Il pomodoro sardo: The Sardinian tomato

I love tomatoes. And the more tomatoes there are to love, the happier my heart. Lucky, then, that I am in the land of the tomato. The land where pizza came into being to showcase the San Marzano. The land … Continue reading

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Closed for the weekend

“The Daily Cure” is closed for the weekend, but please feel free to come in and browse. See you Monday.

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To tell the truth…

I hate blogging, I really do. I don’t particularly like writing, and photography bores me. I don’t care if anyone reads my blog, either, because what difference does it make? It’s just communication, and that’s not high on my list … Continue reading

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Another orange food

Mother Nature knows what she’s doing, doesn’t she? Throwing us warm colors and soothing tastes when we need them most. Case in point: the pumpkin. I’ve almost missed the chance to mention another autumnal jewel, but here it is before … Continue reading

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Fairy-tale middle

We love to talk about fairy-tale endings, where everything is wrapped up neatly in a bow. Love is requited all around regardless of sexual preference. Bills are paid. Unemployment is a non-existent concept. Economies hum along nicely without creating abuses. … Continue reading

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New-ish and hopefully improved-ish

A quick administrative note to alert you to some small changes at “The Daily {French-Italian} Cure.” First, the links which have disappeared from the sidebar have been placed on a “Links of Interest” page which is still under construction. You … Continue reading

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Closed for the Weekend

“The Daily Cure” is, as the sign says, closed for the weekend, but please feel free to come in and browse. See you Monday.

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