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Closed for Easter and for writing

Dear Friends, I’m closing “The Daily {French-Italian} Cure” for seven days of Easter holiday a.k.a. “Trying to Finish Writing My Book While in France.” That sounds terribly smug and pompous for a zillion reasons—not to mention cliché—and I apologize. It’s … Continue reading

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Crispy memories

This past Saturday we ate at Trattoria Ponte Rosso. The lunch was simultaneously satisfying, light, inventive and delicious—almost the same adjectives I would use to describe the place itself, tucked into one of those ancient, slightly sagging buildings on one … Continue reading

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Hurry up and wait

A few posts ago, I was inspired by the Trattoria Milanese (via Santa Marta 11, Milano) to write about tomato sauce. Remembering with mouth-watering fondness that meal and wondering, already, when I can hope to repeat it, I am trying … Continue reading

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Confession #4: The risks involved

Dear you (plural), it has been called to my attention by a recent comment I received that blogging—especially this sort of daily blogging—carries risks. Not seismic risks, but small risks of another sort altogether. The first risk is that in … Continue reading

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Chicken eggs

My first full year in Milan, I was surprised in early April to see a large basket in my local bakery filled with a bed of straw and a pile of white chicken eggs. I wanted to buy some, to … Continue reading

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Postcard #12: Furniture “500”

[Perhaps not the most sophisticated design—but charming none the less: A picnic scene built around furniture made from the original Fiat 500. The Japanese were all over it. “Cin-cin!”]

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Abbracci e baci / Hugs and kisses

Birds are doing it. Bees are doing it. Flowers and dogs and trees are doing it. Every park bench is taken. Every hidden corner. It’s happening astride motor-scooters at 45 kilometers per hour. In bus windows. On city monuments. Everywhere … Continue reading

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