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“I love beauty. Eez not my fault.”

Funny. Elegant. Bitchy. Genius. And totally over the top. That’s Valentino as seen in Valentino The Last Emperor. A great documentary about the career and life—virtually one and the same—of designer Valentino Garavani. A truly touching story about a lifelong … Continue reading

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Closed/Week in review

  Monday “Il bagno” On Milanese bathrooms and why they qualify as a Daily Cure. (Read this.)   Tuesday “Introduction to Confessions” On a new category regarding the flip-side or the dark underbelly of being an ex-patriot. (Read this.)   … Continue reading

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Past-present perfume

How do you categorize a post that belongs to the world of today, yesterday, scent, memory and the obliteration of geographical borders and time zones? What title do you give a subject that is big enough to fill your imagination … Continue reading

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Taking comfort where you find it

Time today has been short; not more than 15 minutes for blogging. But what I have to say takes about ten words or less. Don’t hold me to that, but here goes: Comfort food Italian style doesn’t get any better … Continue reading

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Confession #1: My father’s ashes

I’m afraid I’ve opened the floodgates with “Confessions.” So before returning to milder fare (next stop: focaccia and olive bread in “Taking comfort where you find it”), I’m going to share this—my first confession—with you. A few years ago, my … Continue reading

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Introduction to “Confessions”

Something about this blog—my blog—has been bothering me for a while. I attempted to address it months ago, but had technical difficulties pulling off what I had in mind. What irritated me was this: by focusing only on those things … Continue reading

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Il bagno

My first Milanese bathroom was in the old Diana Majestic Hotel in Viale Piave which has, alas, been spruced up since by Sheraton. I thought I’d died and gone to shabby-chic, single-girl heaven. The bathroom was enormous by any familiar … Continue reading

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Practicing what I preach

Yesterday’s post was what it’s about today. Hope you’re doing a lot of the same; i.e., nothing in particular. See you Monday.

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The all important “far niente”

I know that whoever adapted Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love for the screen got there before me with the phrase “il dolce far niente,” but you can never explore quite enough the importance of this idea. Besides, in the film … Continue reading

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Here’s looking at you, kid

As you’ve probably figured out by now, walking around the city is for me a cross between a sacrament and an hour of therapy. Nothing—nothing—lifts my spirits like being “out there,” observing. And I am always tickled and surprised when … Continue reading

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