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“I love beauty. Eez not my fault.”

Funny. Elegant. Bitchy. Genius. And totally over the top. That’s Valentino as seen in Valentino The Last Emperor. A great documentary about the career and life—virtually one and the same—of designer Valentino Garavani. A truly touching story about a lifelong … Continue reading

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Closed/Week in review

  Monday “Il bagno” On Milanese bathrooms and why they qualify as a Daily Cure. (Read this.)   Tuesday “Introduction to Confessions” On a new category regarding the flip-side or the dark underbelly of being an ex-patriot. (Read this.)   … Continue reading

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Past-present perfume

How do you categorize a post that belongs to the world of today, yesterday, scent, memory and the obliteration of geographical borders and time zones? What title do you give a subject that is big enough to fill your imagination … Continue reading

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Taking comfort where you find it

Time today has been short; not more than 15 minutes for blogging. But what I have to say takes about ten words or less. Don’t hold me to that, but here goes: Comfort food Italian style doesn’t get any better … Continue reading

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Confession #1: My father’s ashes

I’m afraid I’ve opened the floodgates with “Confessions.” So before returning to milder fare (next stop: focaccia and olive bread in “Taking comfort where you find it”), I’m going to share this—my first confession—with you. A few years ago, my … Continue reading

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Introduction to “Confessions”

Something about this blog—my blog—has been bothering me for a while. I attempted to address it months ago, but had technical difficulties pulling off what I had in mind. What irritated me was this: by focusing only on those things … Continue reading

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Il bagno

My first Milanese bathroom was in the old Diana Majestic Hotel in Viale Piave which has, alas, been spruced up since by Sheraton. I thought I’d died and gone to shabby-chic, single-girl heaven. The bathroom was enormous by any familiar … Continue reading

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