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The return

In my last post, I was dreaming of “going anywhere,” getting out of Milan, fleeing the stresses of the daily grind. And yesterday, that’s exactly what we all did. We’ve come back to France for the long All Saints weekend … Continue reading

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The train for anywhere

For D.L. who dreamed of riding the rails. There are days, no matter how happy you are, when you just feel like going. Anywhere. Every plane that crosses overhead represents a possible escape and a potential surprise destination. “That person, … Continue reading

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My central park

Back in the dark ages of my life in Milan, when I’d just come to the city and was anything but happy, a Romanian healer told me that I needed to “hug a tree” to absorb the positive energy of … Continue reading

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The mark of the city

Every city has its way of reminding you where you are, letting you know that—in fact—you couldn’t possibly be anywhere else but there. As if the golden Madonnina radiating her spiritual brilliance from the highest spire of the Duomo or … Continue reading

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Brutta ma buona

Ugly but good. A perfect description for the beet, that brute of vegetables. When young, I despised beets, and there is inside me still today a vestigial revulsion. But this feeling has evolved into a well-rounded love-hate tending mostly toward … Continue reading

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Never on a Sunday

Thank you, Chordettes, for that useful refrain. “The Daily {French-Italian} Cure” is closed for the weekend. As the Milanese say, despite the fact that we’re talking two days here, Buona Domenica. Have a good Sunday. Come in, poke around, leave … Continue reading

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The Street #2: Via Sangiorgio

Life on the street is one thing. Life above it is something else. I have to remind myself, when charging off to complete some errand or other, that looking up may be every bit as gratifying as looking straight ahead. … Continue reading

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The Daily Cuppa

Ah, those objects of every day, those inanimate friends—or are they slaves?—that serve us thanklessly before the sun has even brightened the horizon. What can possibly give more comfort than a favorite coffee cup? And a favorite coffee maker to … Continue reading

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Milan color story #2: Gray Lady

October is coming to a close, and with it, the gray season is preparing to open. Milan, in all her complex beauty, is about to be revealed to those who love her in her most fitting attire: mist, rain, and … Continue reading

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France has its often debated* allées of trees lining the country roads—each white striped trunk standing sentinel. So beautiful. Northern Italy has its plantations. Heading into the countryside this weekend, in the vicinity of the Certosa di Pavia in what’s … Continue reading

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