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A river runs through me

Once upon a time, August 2010 to be fairly precise, I started a blog. I named it “The Daily {French-Italian} Cure.” The French-Italian part was stuck in there because I didn’t want this to be a generic archive of  things I … Continue reading

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Cherries and cold cherry soup

Forty-eight hours in France and there was something I was craving pretty badly. Cherries from this region—l’Yonne. We’ve got wonderful cherries in Italy (Vignola, Ferrovia, Durone etc.), but nothing—I’m not sure why—quite compares to these almost black beauties that are … Continue reading

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Walking about town the other day, I allowed myself to veer in the direction of Society, a bedding store that I’ve only ever let myself admire from outside. I usually salivate a bit at the beautiful linens just out of my … Continue reading

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Two-ness, Part 2

With my big toes dipping into middle age (okay, okay…I’m up to my ankles) and a house full of domestic rubble that attests to how my life is happily and fortunately shared, I’m not one to complain about that all-so-precious-when-I-can-grab-it … Continue reading

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Two-ness, Part 1

It is spring. It is impossible not to think of love. Everywhere. Everywhere. Everywhere you look.               Hiding. In the open. There. Peanut butter sandwiches without crusts were the foundation of my first “love.” He … Continue reading

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Color story #14: Spring, Spring the Flower Thing

This being a fashion town, yesterday’s Corriere della Sera had a lovely article about the Spring colors this year, and the “it” color for 2014. Turns out that this Spring, as for many, the in colors are principally based on flowers. … Continue reading

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Color story #13: The blue of blue

(Yes, Linda! Spring, blessedly, is coming!) “The other day, my daughter asked me what my favorite color was, and I irritated her the way I sometimes do by answering this question with one of my own: “To look at, or … Continue reading

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Italy still cracks me up

I’ve been here—OK, we figured it out a couple posts ago—seventeen years. And in all that time, there are still things about this country that make me laugh out loud. Particularly when I compare them to their American equivalent. No, … Continue reading

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A late Valentine, Italian-style

Heart-day was an infinite five days ago, but still it’s on my mind. Rummaging through my file today, I discovered some pictures I’d been saving to post on the occasion, but had somehow neglected to follow-through on. Must have been … Continue reading

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Reposting: Bells du jour

Sorry Everyone, I was having technical difficulties with the video. Have run it through YouTube and it seems to be working now. When I first moved to Italy seventeen (God, was it that many?) years ago, I noticed church bells … Continue reading

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