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The importance of lavender

My first post here was entitled “The importance of blue.” That was August 8, 2010. Nearly 5 years have gone by, and in those 5 years, so much has happened, hasn’t it? For you, I hope they’ve been 5 amazing years … Continue reading

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Here’s to Engineering

He flew into the house today just begging to be photographed. I obliged.

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Summer (Coffee) Yumminess

You never forget your first granita. Mine was the classic granita al limone on the island of Favignana. Somewhere there’s a black and white snapshot of me, bent in full concentration, over this Mediterranean wonder of ice, lemon juice and … Continue reading

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Breathing deep

There won’t be any pictures today. I have been digitally lazy, and besides, I don’t think I could show what I’m trying to express. I am, essentially, a torn person. And I’m learning that I’m happy that way. Maybe “wholeness” … Continue reading


Do Italians have a make-it-beautiful gene the rest of us don’t?

I’ve been in Italy for 18 years. And I never stop marveling at how pretty it is. And the real head-scratcher is this: how is it that Italians have a knack for creating beauty in a particular way that the … Continue reading


It’s so hot…

There’re a ton of jokes out there about how hot it is. It’s so hot, the fire hydrants are chasing dogs. It’s so hot chickens are laying hardboiled eggs. It’s so hot I can’t be bothered to list another one. Round … Continue reading

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A walk about near the new digs

A couple weeks ago, I told you we were moving. And so we did! We moved from a couple kilometers outside the center of Milan to the very heart of it. We vacated the place on the left and landed in the … Continue reading

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Blooming belfry.

A little more than a year ago, I posted about the Spring colors of last year, featuring a piece of art, a “Flowerhead,” by Olaf Hajek. This year, as if Hajek’s fantastical visions were coming true, real flowerheads were recently spotted … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about the weather.

On a lighter note, a little Italian humor. Or maybe it’s just common sense. The climate may be nuts, but you can never go wrong interpreting it like this: Translation: GYPSY CORD THERMOMETER Dry cord: nice weather. Wet cord: rain. Stiff … Continue reading

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Here we go!

See you on the other side.